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Do you need a car for your practice in London?

As I have mentioned before I tend to cycle everywhere for work and pleasure.

I have a car that is only used for weekly food shopping that can easily be done through the net. My 10 year old car has only done 23,000 miles.

I am thinking about getting rid of the car and be carless. It will save me the hassle of servicing, mot and tax. At the same time I am not comfortable about this.  This would be a real moving out of my comfort zone experience for me.

Are you without a car in practice? How is that working for you? Any comments for me to make a decision would be appreciated.


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My out of date experience

zarathustra |
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To save hassle of servicing, MOT and tax

Tonykelly |
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I have 4 cars ....

Steve Holloway |
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My husband's not an

justinelaws |
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Suck it & See

WhichTyler |


ireallyshouldknowthisbut |
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I am in London and I don't need a car

petersaxton |
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The only reason I have the

Jane S-D |