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Do you submit anything with your SA100's?

I was wondering what the general consensus was with regards to attaching accounts and detailed tax computations with a typical self employed individuals tax return.

I'm sometimes tempted to purely to provide supporting information to the tax return, particularly where the self-employment is a little unusual and there's property income too, it just seems sometimes that there's been a lot of work undertaken but only a simple return submitted to HMRC, not even an SA302 computation !

Even on CT600's, it seems that the Ftax iXBRL computations are very simple, especially compared to some computations prepared by other firms I've seen, although I don't know for sure whether they are just internal computations or whether they are submitted with the CT600 online.

Whats the general you or don't you? For SA's primarily.

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I have not done this since SA came in

taxhound |
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I don't include nuffink

SteveOH |
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dropoutguy |

no, nuffink also.

memyself-eye |
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Yes always .....

Steve Holloway |
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No need to file anything

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I may be imagining it, but I

dropoutguy |

It's not about enquiry but rather discovery ....

Steve Holloway |
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