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Do you use a telephone answering service?

I would be grateful for recommendations for telephone answering service from the users of this type of service. How much do you pay?

My needs are as follows:

  1. To take all my calls and pathes(forward) these to me
  2. Does not foward spam calls (ie screens calls)
  3. Takes messages when I inform them that I am not available.
  4. Needs to be UK based - should speak clearly. No heavy accents that are difficult understand.
  5. I do not want to change my number
  6. My Calls should not be forwarded to 0845 number

I would appreciate recommendations from users of telephone answering service. It would be good to know the monthly costs for this service.



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A client of mine uses this service

petersaxton |
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halesir |

We use Answer It

occca |

Have used...

Steve McQueen |
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Good reports from

andrewhague |


[email protected] |

jet virtual

aiwalters |
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Provide a number?

wilcoskip |

Zebra Connections

Jon Stow |
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pauljohnston |

YOPA (Your Office & PA )- telephone answering services

Sarah Basey |

Banana Office

Monsoon |
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Answer It

HudsonCo |

Thanks to OCCA and HudsonCo

Emma Fryer |

Answer It

AngelaWB |

Providing a number

[email protected] |

2nd vote for alldayPA

Melanie221 |

Virtual Reception Service

Sheehan |


FirstTab |
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Hi FirstTab,

Emma Fryer |


Jet Virtual |

Complete marketing service for accountants

Fmaat |
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Accountants Marketing

Monsoon |
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Thanks for the mention Monsoon :)

maxxy |
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MyRuby Telephone Answering - Answer to accountant marketing

rubypa |

Use of phone messaging service

jhonyson |


mmartin |

Do your homework.

alldayPA-Robyn |
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Jet Virtual - Answering Service For Accountants

Jet Virtual |

Professional Call Minders

astrawilliams |

The Business PA

[email protected] |

Minimum charges and free trials

NickWalker |
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Telephone answering service

carole.businessheads |
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Professional Answering Service

stephanie.g |

Hello All

Emma Fryer |