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Document and email management

We have started looking at document management system, and have just had a very good presentation from CCH. However, we use Sage on all other levels (with close to 1,000 clients, we are too far in to change), and whilst CCH had a good system, it is priced such that it only delivers value with a full transfer of all software requirements.

What are people using out there?

We want to file emails and scanned documents in a central location in their original format. The software must be user friendly, have good search functionality (including in-document) and task assignment capability.

Ideally (and this may be the big ask) we would have some sort of database syncronisation with Sage Practice Solutions..

CCH had a bulk email facility that would have been useful too...

Any thoughts would be most welcome.

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Document Management

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Interwoven is used by a lot

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Virtual Cabinet

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Thanks to you all for this. I

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A shortlist..

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Thanks cverrier

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PaperLess direct integration with Sage 50 Accounts

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virtual cabinet

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Thanks Virtual Cabinet

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