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Dodgy Dealings

My client runs a small limited company based in offices with a couple of employees. They do have one client in Europe that I am aware of. However, when going through the Subsistence nominal account for their latest accounts there are a large number of cash withdrawals and payments for petrol and meals made overseas. I happen to know that the director of the company has family in Africa and quite often will go out their for months at a time.

On raising the matter to him and tentatively suggesting that many of these withdrawals from the business account should be posted to the directors loan account rather than an expense account my client insisted that these were bona fide business travel expenses. I had also asked that receipts and invoices for these expenses were provided for me to review if he felt these were valid business travel expenses. Unfortunately, as my client informs me, his car was broken into and his laptop along with all of the relevant paperwork was taken by the thief.

Any suggestions for the best course of action here? I would estimate that the expenses are in the region of £2-3000 for the year.

Many Thanks in advance for your advice.


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I hate it when clients try to deceive me

ShirleyM |
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Who accounts are they?

Peter Kilvington |

What do you know about the client?

Roland195 |

Just to add

Constantly Confused |
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Letter of Rep

redman7 |
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I agree with Peter

Glennzy |
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Sorry, I don't buy that approach.

Steve Holloway |
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Devil's Advocate

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar |
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Best way forward

cfield |
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How about

ACDWebb |
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An old cartoon

michaelblake |

That's a thought....

Catherine123456 |

Ebay Is a source used by HMRC

Glennzy |
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in real life

David Gordon FCCA |

Accountant Dogs

cfield |
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More like a Golden Retriever

Roland195 |

Or at least

ACDWebb |
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given the amounts involved

Ding Dong |
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Travel expenses

paddy55 |
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LIving in the real world

_Chester_ |

If his laptop was taken as

ann.greenwood |

Advice needed

Ivelin Ivanov |