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Dragons Den,correct decisions?

Do the Dragons always make the right decisions?Would you have made the same decisions and why?

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petersaxton |
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Not all need investment

ShirleyM |
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JCresswellTax |
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Turn it round -

Owain_Glyndwr |
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dragon on

hfc1875 |

We never get to see the contracts!

Richard Willis |
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Cherry picking

thisistibi |
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You cannot be serious

paulgrca.net |
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In my opinion ...

Old Greying Accountant |
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Mwahahahah!  That's cheered

justinelaws |
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lizzit |
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Most businesses...

Nate.Southwood |

Life's too full

FazerJett |

Dragons Den

levelheaded1903 |

A client of ours was invited onto the show

ShirleyM |
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Teddy Bears

charco |