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E-commerce software for small businesses

I am trying to research what software is available for dealing with e-sales (and e-refunds) from variety of web-sources: own website, eBay etc. and that will enable integration with accounting software such as Sage, but not necessarily restricted to that product.


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For Sage

johndon68 |

For Xero

BigBadWolf |
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e-Refunds etc. integration with Accounts system ...

JC |


johndon68 |

For Sage

Carol D. Moore |

Your evaluation of Sage is

Carol D. Moore |

Data Exchange or NetSuite

euanharris |
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Original Question Was eCommerce Related ...

JC |


Cantona1 |

ecommerce and web sources

Nigel Follett |

I had a look at EKMPowershop

awoodj |

Thank you

Carol D. Moore |

Sage 200

Anna_DMC |
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