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We're preparing a series of e-brochures which will (hopefully) be of interest to the wider business community for an e-marketing campaign. For this we need e-mail lists of potential prospects, probably at least 10,000 of them just for starters.

What's the best way to go about this? I know you can buy e-mail lists from certain companies, but how do you know they are reputable? And how much should they cost? Obviously high net worth individuals would cost a fortune, but what about small businesses in a selected location, such as South London or Surrey?

We're thinking of just looking up them up on the internet ourselves searching by trade sector, and we have a couple of people with enough time to do it. Would that be better than buying them from a third party, or should we go to the "professionals" for warm leads? If so, any recommendations?

What about the legal side? Can you just e-mail anyone or do you have to check they are not on some anti-spam list (I believe this only applies to individuals)? And do you have to put an unsubscribe link on the e-mail? We would do this anyway but just want to check the legal position.

Would appreciate comments from anyone who's been down this road before.



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really bad idea

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Be careful ...

JC |

Invest and do it properly

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