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Earnings valuation

Does anyone have any knowledge of typical P/E ratios currently being used in business earnings valuations?  I know that business valuation is not a precise science(!), but I am trying to get an idea of the sort of earnings multipliers being used in disposal negotiations in the current market.

The particular business I am interested in, is privately owned, based in the North of England and operates in the construction industry.  The shareholding in question is a minority holding, so it would also be very helpful if anyone has experience of typical P/E ratio discounts which might be applied for a minority shareholding.

I have commissioned and received a valuation of the shareholding, which has used one P/E ratio. However that P/E ratio differs wildly from the ratio being quoted by the 3rd party.

To reiterate, I know there is no right and wrong answer to this question, and any deal will only be done if the potential buyer and seller can agree a price for the shares.  Nonetheless it would be very helpful to get some view on typical P/E ratios which might be applicable in the current market.

Many thanks in anticipation.


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