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VAT for EC Member States - Non-UK Established Businesses

Dear all,


I am really very confuse with the Removal of the Threshold for Non-UK Established Businesses, from 1st December 2012. I have asked HMRC by calling through their helpline but i always get different answers, can anybody help me.

Question - 

1. If a Non-UK Established Businesses is based in Spain and registered for VAT in Spain than do they need to register for UK VAT if they supply goods in the UK

2 And what is the Non-UK Established Businesses is NOT registered for Spanish VAT.


One party from HMRC is saying that they do not need to register for VAT until they reach the threshold of £70,000 and 2nd party is saying no they have to register and NO more threshold available.


????????????? confused 

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It depends

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In order to answer your

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I agree with all of the above

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