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Effective marketing tools for an acountancy practice

I will think about and put in place some marketing planes over the next two months. At the moment I do not do any marketing.

Before I start planning  I just want to make sure that I am aware marketing tools that I should think about. Here are what I think are key marketing tools available to accountants:

  • Website
  • blog
  • Google Adwords
  • Direct mail
  • telemarketing
  • SEO
  • Networking

I am leaving out facebook and twitter - I think it would be just too time consuming.

Have I left out anything that is important (apart from the two above)?


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wilcoskip |

Agree with previous poster

Locutus |
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Paul Scholes |
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depends where you are with your business

Tonykelly |
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FirstTab |
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What about linkedin?

Kent accountant |
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Tactics, strategy and methodology

Bob Harper |
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This reminds me.....

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