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Email quotations

I now have quotation template that is now polished through trial and error. After my potential client meeting, I email the quotation to the client straightaway. 

It seems that my template has done it rounds. One of the potential client asked me to beat a quotation from another accountant who is now using my quotation template. I am not too bothered by this. I do not think I would have been any different.

My question - is it best to give an email quotation? The reason I ask is because email is passed around to get a "better" quote.

What is the practice in general do people give a written (email) quotation?



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What's the difference?

Paul Scholes |
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petersaxton |
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I agree with Paul & Peter

ShirleyM |
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Email every time

Flash Gordon |

Great query

JCresswellTax |
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Email no different to paper or verbal

GaryMc |
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Signed up before they leave

Fidodido |

Price sensitive - wouldn't waste the effort

philhendy |
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Sign eng letter

Fidodido |

Email quotations

BobEdwardsLandmark |
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