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Employee working in Singapore

Hi I have recently taken on a payroll following the payroll person leaving. The payroll has a handful of UK employees that have been working in Singpore and eventually located to Singapore in th year ended Dec 2011.

From what I can see PAYE has been operated on their earnings for the period they were on the UK payroll. As the employer will be paying all of the Singaporean tax arising up to the point they were on the UK payroll following the completion of the 2011 Tax Return, am I right in thinking the only way in which the company can obtain DTR is by making an adjustment to the final payslips of the relevant employees in 2011/12 prior to the submission of the P35. Is this correct or is there an alternative way? I am concerned as a couple of the employees were issued with P45s and therefore unsure as to how to go about amending the P14s that will be submitted to HMRC.

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