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Engagement letters

We have a new client who we have sent an engagement letter to, he has brought it back and said he refuses to sign it as "he doesn't agree with things like that" (he used to be a solicitor) where does that leave us - can we deem it to be in force as he has received it and those are our terms or do we need to say we can't act?

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Do youself a favour

Roland195 |

Engagement Letters

malcolmrichards |

Agree with Roland. I would

LyneT |
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nigelburge |
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Run a mile

Flash Gordon |

Leave him alone

macdougall |
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Send him a disengagement letter ....

ShirleyM |
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Was there something he genuinely objected to?

Captainblack |
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He may have a point

Ken Howard |

Engagement letter

leicsred |

my two pennyworth

Red Leader |
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Liberate yourself

jford |


nigelburge |
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send him a link

Comptable |

Hahahahahahahaha - I like it!

nigelburge |
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Ask client what's wrong with engagement letter

DMGbus |
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I have had this

AS |

Whilst I agree ...

David Winch |
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Ex solicitor doesn't agree with Eng Letter

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