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English Writing

Hi All

I am an ACCA Qualified and very good with preparing accounts and playing with figures, but when its come to write a letter to client or HMRC or daily emails corresponence , i found i am not good at, i am making grammer and spelling mistakes and english not seems professional,

English is not my first language


Can anybody help,any advise, any good book which help me, please recomend


Many Thanks In advance

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cparker87 |

Yes but passing exam is

nexventure |

it dunt really matter mate

pauld |

Cambridge do some very good

Cathy Ratchford |

Sorry I just re-read my post

Cathy Ratchford |

Do you have a friend or

sparkler |

Really the only way to do it

ireallyshouldknowthisbut |
ireallyshouldknowthisbut's picture

Good Grammar (sic)


Yes! :)

Cathy Ratchford |

In the meantime you could use a secretarial service.

newmoon |

Take a course

BigBadWolf |
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Good advice

petersaxton |
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Spot on

nigelburge |
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English language

law man |


carnmores |



As long as you NEVER write 'different to'

Richard Willis |
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