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EXCEL 2010 Display of KPI data in a Matrix

I am trying to produce a reusable  report that includes an indicator in a particular cell based on two numbers.

I have a block of cells in a, say, 6x6 matrix and would like to show specific character (x or dingbat) in the matrix; the position in the matrix based on two values in another part of the spreadsheet.

The logic would be along the lines of "Display ? in cell( a25, offset up(value in cell f23), offset across( value in cell l19))"

I can do this by placing an if  statement in every cell in the matrix but wondered if there is an easier way to do this with a single function. The matrix would be replicated in various sections of the report and the 'if' approach would require an edit of every cell in the matrix

Many Thanks




      ?       UP Across
              5.00 4.00




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Can't think of a simpler way

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Thank you Simon, it works

Bob Marshall |

Heat Map for large amounts of data ...

JC |

Conditional formatting

shurst |
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