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Excel - 'find me the numbers that add up to this'?

This happens to me more often than you'd think, so a shortcut would be a help!

A client (or sometimes a colleague) will present a column of numbers on Excel and note that they have claimed £x from it, but make no mention of which numbers have been used.

Case in point, a client gives me a list of 50+ items all neatly laid out.  They tell me '£2,895 of these expenses I think are private'.  Great, but which ones are they?!?  Can Excel somehow find me the cells that would add up to that total?  Or am I asking too much :)

Otherwise it is a bit of trial and error (that £3,000 expense clearly doesn't feature, but a lot of them are well under £2,895).

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I don't know..

cyrynpen |

Have you tried...

George Attazder |
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IIRC there is a way

ACDWebb |
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Ask the client

cyrynpen |

If your clients are anything like ours

Constantly Confused |
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Well ...

bigdave1971 |

Yes ....solver

landscaper |
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And next month...

WhichTyler |


aiwalters |
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nogammonsinanundoubledgame |
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Can't please some people...

steve.oldham |

semi-automatic method...

AdShawBPR |

Add another

rayhelmke |


jndavs |
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jndavs |
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David Taylor |
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Forgive an 'outsider' ...

David Winch |
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Numbers problem.

Thorold |

Excel add -in may help

catpol123 |

This helped a lot

marijn bax |