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Excel help - urgent - pleeease NEW query on this


I'm really stuck on this, and my laptop doesn't seem to be doing what Excel help pages on the web said it should be???

Anyway, 3 columns below - D, E, and F

Orig spreadsheet just had Issue Date and Response Deadline.  I have been asked to make Response Deadline turn the cell Red or Green depending on whether the date in Response Deadline is more than 10 days after Issue Date, ie day 11 onwards is Red.  So, I added the middle column which calculates the number of days between the issue date and the response (received!!). I am going to 'hide' the middle column when it's done.  I have tried everything I can to make the cells in column F turn Red or Green but I don't seem to be getting a proper menu for my conditional formatting.  I have Windows 7 (which is awful).  I get given a set of pre-written options when I click on Conditional Formatting.

I've been asked to do this as a favour for someone who is under the kosh and needs it by 5.30pm tonight.  Editt: tomorrow am now!



I've been playing around with it and think I know what's needed.  Can I do a formula that calculated the number of days from the Issue Date to 'Today'?  If so, I can amend my columns and do conditional formatting for the result of that new formula.

Can anyone help me please???




Issue Date   Response Deadline 
30/04/2012 46 15/06/2012
02/05/2012 10 12/05/2012


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Have a look at this

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Thanks.  This was really

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Sussed it!!!

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