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Excel to maintain accounts

I am finding it easier and quicker to maintain accounts in Excel database.

Bank statement cut and pastes straight in.

Cash books likewise.

Using sumifs to produce great Management accounts.  Pivot tables can also be used very well for reporting.

Balance sheet - again sumifs.for monthly analysis.

Coding analysis allows flexibility by having two columns Primary Code and secondary code.

Anyone else work like this?




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Done it for years

scalloway |
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I would refer youto Ecclesiaties Ch1 v 9-11

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Oh! A history question - I love history...

frustratedwithhmrc |
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Excel and Cloud

petersaxton |
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Cheaper than Excel

Healthpay |

Why re-invent the wheel?

slarti |

I use excel for doing book keeping for £0.5m t/o companies

NewACA |

Accounting software?

petersaxton |
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Time rich, cash poor

scalloway |
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An accounting system for the cost of a car.

slarti |

I prefer to use accounting software .

Ray Koshy |


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Excel is a...

Kent accountant |
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NewACA |

Double entry

petersaxton |
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