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Expenses not claimed

First year acting for a new client, they pay £100 month into a pension for the director, client has prepared own books on sage and posts the payment to the sage balance sheet pension code - thinking this is correct - and no reason not too as why else would he know any different - and has been doing this for last 4/5 years - balance on that sage code is some £6k.

Previous accountant did nothing more than take clients TB from sage, pop it into their system and generate accounts therefrom, SO these pension payments have been sat in balance sheet growing each year.

How much can we claim in current year without having to redo accounts for earlier years or doing a PYA and amended CT600's and xbrl files

Am kind of hoping one of you will say "ok to claim all this year because......" but can't think of a valid reason.

Any thoughts most welcomed


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