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Extra bank holidays

The current minimum holiday entitlement is 28 days which include bank holidays, given a minimum of 20 days holiday plus bank holidays, this year and next year we have an extra bank holiday. My question is does the legal minimum increase in these circumstances or would you need to use a days holiday (out of your 20) if the company decided to not give you the extra day on top and to close its doors for the jubilee?


As I understand this if the 28 minimum is not increased to 29 then it can close on the extra day and not give another holiday.

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pipper01 |

28 days

Paul Scholes |
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I have just checked this out for myself.....

Jimess |

"Normal" bank holidays

Liverpool Accountant Marketing Bod |

Just specify holidays

tonyarm |

The statutory entitlement for

Mark Kershaw |

Well it depends

puzzel |
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How many hours of work will be lost with staff complaining?

ringi |

The devil is in the detail of the contract

Simon Newsam |
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Employer's view

zxcvb |
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Final thought

puzzel |
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