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Farm Accounts

I am a QBE practitioner and have recently moved to an area where there is a large farming community.

I have been asked if I have experience in doing bookkeeping and accountancy for farmers.  

The straight answer is that I don't, but I would be foolish not to get my toe in the water as there is a large potential market here.

So, the questions are -

What are the major differences between farm accounts and any other small business accounts?

Are there any pitfalls or areas of concern I would need to watch out for?

My clients have always been smaller retailers, tradesmen and service providers so this is a new direction.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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its been a long time since

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New equipment

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@Philip Hoyle

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If you are serious about getting involved then

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Love working with farmers!

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When I was a lad

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Good post!

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