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Fee question

Im trying to work out a fee quote and wonder sometimes if I under price my services....

Im based in the Midlands.


My potential client is buying a sandwich shop, turning over £140k pa. It has 2 staff. They are setting up as a Ltd Co

How much would you quote for:

1. Payroll, 2 weekly/hourly staff + 2 directors paid montly (low salary + ) end of year PAYE reporting

2. VAT returns - quarterly

3. Set up book keeping system + follow up visit ( 2hours each time ) + 1 hours travel time each visit

4. Directors tax returns x 2

5. CT600 + full accounts

6. Abbreviated accounts


Im thinking I cant do this for less than £2500+ VAT. They seem like nice clients, nice people to work with who appear organised.

Pa\yroll (£10+52 per week + £100 for directors) = 620

VAT ( 4 x £150) =  600

Directors returns x 2 = 150

tax and accounts = 850 ish? (if Im doing the VAT accounts should be ok)

Set up book keeping = 300

It seems a lot for a small business that is fundamentally doing the book keeping themselves.  Any thoughts? 

Or should I get them to buy moneysoft and do their own payroll and charge them something for setting it up?


What would you charge?

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You know best

Moonbeam |
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VAT too high

zarathustra |
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Similar figure

twj4789 |


euan101 |

Guess we live up to our name

Discountants |
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Siany |

Payroll is too cheap at £10 per week

dbowleracca |
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You need to take into account how the work is done

petersaxton |
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I don't think you are far off most of us.

Jekyll and Hyde |

I agree weekly payroll is a

sheffieldaccountant |

Let us know how you get on

petersaxton |
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DawnT |

Not too high

petersaxton |
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Like this subject

sawales |