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Feedback on using dual monitors

I received a very helpful response on a thread I raised on dual monitors.

I thought some feedback after about 3 months use would be helpful to some people.

During the first month I had my doubts about benefits of using dual monitors. I just failed to use them effectively. Despite this I ordered the same systems for one member of my staff and also my home office (in total  3 pcs and 6 monitors). She too could not see the benefits of dual monitors after about a month.

How things have changed. The is a marked increase in our productivity. The Dell bill has been paid for itself in the short period. This productivity comes from:

  • Far less switching from one screen to another
  • Comparing information from one monitor to another.

The above does not sound much but it has made such a difference. This blog puts it far better than I can,

My staff just will not give away her workstation now. She got used to it a lot sooner than I thought.

This is what we bought, 23" monitors and 1TB hard drive. If I had the  desk space I would buy a third monitor.

I can assure you your initial expense will be pay for itself in a short period of time.





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JCresswellTax |
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Multi monitor stands

petersaxton |
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Multiple monitors are great for going paperless

ShirleyM |
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Thank you

pauljohnston |

Triple monitors

ShirleyM |
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