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FL MEMO - awful experience. Has anyone had the same problems?

I was first contacted by FL Memo about 6 months ago.

After a 30 minute telephone conversation where i continually expressed that i had no need for their product they suggested that it was "a free no obligation trial" which i agreed to take...mainly to get rid of them.

After 1 month they contacted me to ask how i had found the service & i told them that i hadn't even opened the email with the trial info on or logged in.......they suggested that they extended it for 2 weeks further

At that point i received a book & an invoice through the post. I immediately picked up the phone to cancel....and they collected the book.

I received 2 more chaser requests for the invoice & each time i contacted FL Memo to tell them it wasn't due. Yesterday i got a legal letter...

Awful admin & excessively pushy. Has anyone else had similar issues?


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FL Memo

Andywho is fed up |


BigBadWolf |
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Me too

Steve McQueen |
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Entirely agree

Euan MacLennan |
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It's such a pity

dialm4accounts |
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Recently I came across DueDil

Brend201 |

Same for me

ChrisMartin |
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GuestXXX |

They are a nuisance.

Company Accountant |

FL Memo and Indicator

Kevinalderton |

FL Memo

ecirpdivad60 |