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Hello.  I've been asked to get involved in a case, requiring my forensic accounting skills.  Which is fine by me.  The case is in the very early stages / lawyers have only just been appointed.  The case involves a joint personal current account, in two holders' names, husband and wife.  The husband was employed in a senior capacity by one of the High Street banks.  The account was with the same bank, and held a considerable balance.  That considerable amount had been borrowed by the wife.  Without knowing it (nor without consenting or signing any documents), her name was removed from the account.  The husband then withdrew all the cash and did a runner from the relationship.  But, he still works for the bank.

Does anyone know exactly what the rules are, to remove a name from an account?  Surely, if the wife never consented in anyway to her name being removed, this can only be a case of fraud?  Lawyers will of course be handling this side of the case.  In the meantime, any advice and opinions would be appreciated.   

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