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Fraudulent signing of Accountants Reference for Mortgage

A friend of mine works in an accountancy practice where the proprietor has no formal qualifications but is a member of the ICPA. He has discovered by accident from paperwork in a file that in order to provide an accountants reference for one of his clients to obtain a mortgage, his boss signed my friends name and and entered his qualification on the request. He is quite rightly furious. Surely this is fraud. What course of action would be suggested?

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Was the reference true?

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Thanks for that.

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Looking forward

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Time To Go!

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Involve the Police - this

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Surely the longer you leave

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I'd also advise your friend

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Not his signature though

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Don't kneejerk, but don't delay either

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All the advice is reasonable but.........

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Dare I ask

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david Winch

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Being paid for the reference

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Ethical Dilemma

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David Winch

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