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Free ltd co banking

I am trying to find a ltd co bank account with no fees. Turnover is only a few hundred a year. I know Santander used to do this, but any I have looked at now only have free banking for up to 24 months. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

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HSBC have permanent free banking

ShirleyM |
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Thanks Shirley I will give

tom123 |

Try the Coop if you can bear it

Moonbeam |
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You can pay into Co-op via Post Offices

Chris Smail |
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Metro Bank

Martin B |


RogerNeale |
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derbyforester |

@RogerNeale & @derbyforester

ShirleyM |
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Free lunch?

Robjoy |


chancewind |

Another thought for charities ...

Mature Student |

free business banking

kross |


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Sarah P |


tom123 |

Why does a small company need a 'Business' account?

louisVW4 |

In the name of the company

tom123 |