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Free RTI software for agents


With the new RTI scheme coming in next year for payroll, does anyone know of any free software for agents?

Reading the HMRC's latest guidance, we can no-longer use their online filing for this and like lots of you I'm sure I have lots of ltd co's that have a scheme set up with just one director. Although I have sage payroll for my "proper" payrolls, I really don't want to have a massive licence fee to pay just so I can do the smaller ltd co's every month.

I have seen some free software but it just seems to be for individual companies not to use multi-companies on. Does anyone have any ideas?

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If Sage costs you more than £112 a year ...

Euan MacLennan |
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HMRC software

petersaxton |
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Do you mean the online filing

PStreet |

I know to the contrary

petersaxton |
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HMRC list of software

DMGbus |
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Lots of reputable products aren't on that list, with good reason

TomMcClelland |
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This just makes me glad ....

ShirleyM |
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