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Ftax - was difficult now much better. Give it a try.

I'm a happy user of Ftax for years, but I suspect not for much longer.

I seem to have to log on everytime I use it rather than just downloading the software once and then getting on with it.

Big disappountment.       UPDATE   Still using Ftax and the problem has been resolved so I have changed the question title accordingly

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Wont be using them again

exceljockey |

When it works it's great

accountant_87 |

D C Software is similarly

alattax |

Should have gone to Specsavers...

Kent accountant |
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we used to use Ftax and

busacrun |

Ftax Support

Richard FTAX |
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GeeBee |


Hev |

Useful Ftax Tips

I'msorryIhaven'taclue |
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Also finding it frustrating this year

Frustrated Accountant |

Ftax upgrades

Ftax |

Ftax upgrades

Ftax |


Stuart Cardwell |

The 'almost instant' Ftax service

Ftax |

Teething problems happily resolved

Monsoon |
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I have to be honest I wonder

stevo5678 |