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Full Enquiry for no apparent reason


We have just received a letter from HMRC regarding a full enquiry on a ltd client which has baffled us slightly.

We can see no justification whatsoever for this, nothing at all looks odd in the accounts, no overdrawn directors loans, no strange related parties or anything. Client keeps great set of books on Sage.

Is this something other accountants are finding? Is this a trend within HMRC to just start a full enquiry rather than asking aspect questions??


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Random Enquiry?

halesir |

Is there such a thing now?

yorky1000 |

Maybe . . .

davidwinch |
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Yes, all clients offered FPI

annettedwyer |

Random enquiry

ldcldc |

Also FPI not tax deductable

bj2404 |

Randon enquiry?

kssco |

Old Wives' Tales

MarionMorrison |
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ask for their risk assessment


Yes, I have a similar case

hadend |
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Random enquiries by HMRC

davidwinch |
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Just get on with it ....

Steve Holloway |
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What Type Is It?

Robert Clubb |

Knowing HMRC

The Black Knight |

Re: Is there such a thing now?

jonbryce |