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Furnished Holiday Lettings - Allowances

I started renting a property out as a furnished holiday let in May 2011 and meet the occupancy rules.

The property had some new white goods and a new kitchen. I bought more new white goods, tv, furniture, linen etc

I don't want to make the future too complicated (if I sell the property) by claiming large capital allowances associated with the fabric of the property.

I do want to recognise the depreciation of the white goods etc and the kitchen, I have already replaced some of the linen. 

I've struggled with deciphering HMRC helpsheets - some practical advice on what/how to enter on the form please! Thank you.




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FHL allowances

L Hunter |

W&T allowance not available

Paul Scholes |
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W&T allowance not available

lorraine.hunter |

I going to claim AIA for what

Lulworth |