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Generating new clients

We are a two man practice and have just set up this year. We are looking at ways to generate new business and wonder whether anyone has any practical advice to offer about how effective different methods are - from handing out business cards to advertising in the local press or creating a website. We are keen to spend any of our budget and time in the best way as we are aware how easy it is to overspend for little result.

Many thanks


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We are looking at leafletting

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Generating new clients

Jason Dormer |
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Full price

Fred Smith |

Great comments

Kent accountant |

Follow up on your meetings

bluegoblin |

Brand awareness

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Thank you

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agknight |

depends where you are

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formal networking

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agree with neutru

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Leafleting is a waste of time and money

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Leafleting is a waste of time and money

npreynolds |

God I'm glad I'm old!

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BNI Membership


Tried BNI. Appears my local

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BNI Network



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re BNI again

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