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Getting money from firm in Administration

Hi All,


I fear I will go no money back, but I want to go down the official route in order to reclaim some of my money back.


I was recently dealing with a firm and I paid them a sum of money, to which they were going to pay another firm for packaging, to which they could then produce my product. This firm have since gone into administration and therefore did not pay the other firm for the packaging, and therefore did not receive it. I have therefore paid for something I have not received. 


I am a new business start up and I would like to do everything I can to get this money back. Please can anyone advise me on the route of which I need to take to at least try. I did not make a payment with Credit Insurance or on the business credit card.





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was there a written contract

uktaxpal |

Make a claim to the administrator

Hansa |
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If you have previously dealt

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