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Google Adwords and are they worth it (for accountants)?

We've just been approached by a company (Townpages) offering a fixed fee for unlimited clicks on top of page Google Adwords.

We wouldn't normally be drawn into this, but they have grabbed our attention with a live demo putting us at the top of the listing.

There isn't a long-term contract - it says 'No commitment to long term contracts as your agreement with us to run your Adwords campaign is on a month by month basis requiring only 1 calendar month notice to terminate your programme, which allows you total flexibility to run your promotion when your business needs it the most.'  However in the Terms and Conditions it does say 'Payment Anniversary: means the date on which monthly payments will be taken.' I always thought anniversary referred to annual, but maybe I'm being pedantic.

Has anyone any experience of this company?

Can a company offer a set price for clicks? They do say they are a Certified Google Adwords Partner – is there a way to verify this?

I remember hearing somewhere what position on a Google listing gets what clicks. For the non Adwords It was something like 45% of clicks go to the first listing, 11% to second, 8% to third etc. I’m not sure how well Adwords come out. Does anyone know where I can find accurate data on this?





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There is one key issue here

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Google Adwords

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