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Government 'simplification' needs your examination!

Robert Lovell has reported elsewhere on AWEB on an apparently well meaning government proposal to simplify reporting requirements for very small businesses (those with turnover up to 500,000 euro or about £440,000).  His report includes a link to the government proposals.

Either I have misunderstood what the government has in mind or the proposal would, if put into effect, result in confusing and somewhat incoherent financial statements being issued by such companies and a much accelerated timescale for their submission to Companies House (the time limit being reduced from 9 months to 12 weeks after the year end).

Read Robert's report HERE.


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The last I heard was that ...

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OK I've read it now ...

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I dont think 3 months is a

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The proposals

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Deadlines and balance sheets

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Balance Sheet

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Quote from Roberts article -

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On reflection I wonder if

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HMRC and banks views

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The most useless government report ever published

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send it chris!

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HMRC can't reply to letters within 12 weeks

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This is becoming a recurring theme!

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3 months

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