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Growing your practice


I wanted to get people's views on the best way to grow our practice.  We have been trading now for over 15 months and have had a steady increase in clients through old contacts and some new clients.  We have both been networking quite a bit and although I realise networking takes time for accountants, this has very slowly started to pay off.  Majority of the clients we are getting from networking are small, but one juicy client on top of these now would make a real difference.


What are peoples view on using specialist accountancy telemarketing companies as a way of growing your practice? Does it work?


Has anyone got any other tips on how to grow the practice? Buying a block of fees is the obvious answer but ive looked about and there seems very few about as I imagine is down to the lull in the current market.  Does anyone know a company that could be used to source fees to be purchased?


Any help would be appreciated

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@Bob Harper

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Personally I would keep on

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@Jimess – what I say is taken

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A lot of sense....

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Fast or slow?

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Growing an Accountancy Practice

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telemarketing contact

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Refer Telemarketing

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