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Yesterday in an idle moment (one of a very few) i clicked on a linked in link to join an accountancy group that i thought sounded very progressive and could benefit my practice.

Imagine my diappointmeent when today i come in to find that i dont fit as part of their criteria and dont count as an accountant (yes i've just spotted the pun as well but cant be ar*** to remove it).

I have checked my profile and yes my latest updates arent accountancy related, but there is a little button that says see all, which then shows all my accountancy stuff.


My question is should i even bother pointing it out if they cant be bothered to look at my profile properly?

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No harm in updating your

MissAccounting |
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What's a "founding Entrepeneur in Residence"?

zarathustra |
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Move on

Jon Stow |
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