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Hairdresser's accounts : I am having a bad-hair day.

Hairdresser ... self-employed works in a (vat registered) salon and says she receives 50% of the takings for her work.

The only paperwork she managed to get from the salon was an invoice for the chair, for the whole tax year.

This invoice charged her VAT on the chair.

She says the amount shown on the invoice was the same as her earnings (50-50 split).

Would the Gross or net represent her takings?

If a customer asked for a vat receipt, would there only be vat on the salon's 50%?


The invoice for the chair also puzzles me.

Do I double the invoice value to get her turnover then deduct the invoice as expenses?

If the taking were split at the till, should she have received the vat invoice?

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Is the hairdresser...

zebaa |

Hairdresser not vat registered

ugdiv |

If the hairdresser is not vat

zebaa |

Trying to follow this too

Constantly Confused |
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Surely, you're saying...

[email protected] |

i'm confused now.

blok |
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ugdiv |

Okay I will try again

zebaa |

Take care with rent a chair

ShirleyM |
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All sorts of perms.

zebaa |

Thank you for all your replies

ugdiv |

I don't understand

petersaxton |
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@ Peter

zebaa |

It is still not clear

petersaxton |
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zebaa sorry I confused you with the OP

petersaxton |
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How about this

runningmate |
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Are the hairdressers blonde.

Glennzy |
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Point missed - no partnership

petersaxton |
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