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Has the ICAEW lost ground to the ACCA

When I did my exams many moons ago there was a definite pecking order. In the firm I worked for "doing certified" was reagarded as almost an insult (not saying I agree with it)!

The other day someone (non-accountant) remarked to me that they thought ACCA was the global qualification and the Moorgate Place mob were just a provincial outfit.

OK - so I know that the majority of people in the UK couldn't tell Certified from Chartered from Turf, but amongst people with some knowledge, what do you think the perception out there is.


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Losing ground

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The contrary view

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The other contrary view

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Graduate only since the 1970s?

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If you read

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The ICAEW has lost ground...

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Big assumption

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ICAEW has been losing ground for some time

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I'll stick my two-penneth in.

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Accounting profession

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roundabout the time I started ...

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@ Old Greying Accountant

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