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Have you ever

Has anyone been dumped by a client before the job has started but after an engagement letter, fee quote etc has been signed?


I chased the client again this week to find out where the books were. Client has emailed to say the book keeper wants client to use her accountant as the books are a mess and she needs help.  I need to speak to them to find out whats gone wrong.


My question is, whats reasonable to bill them for time to date - or should I write it off?


I've had 2 client meetings, numerous calls, got my professional clearance, appointed as HMRc agent, set up files,  completed MLR forms, risk assessments etc.


Im a bit miffed at the lost time - somewhere between 5-6 hours.  I'd happy absorb the cost if I was getting the accounts and tax work but Im not :-( (and perhaps I dont want it if its a mess anyway...)


Any suggestions

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Not a client worth having

Roland195 |

Letter of engagement

andy.partridge |
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Invoice them anyway

memyself-eye |
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Payment on account

Malcolm McFarlin |
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Mention it in client meeting

Jimess |