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Heads up on SA penalties

I have this afternoon been advised that because of industrial action planned for 31 January, HMRC has taken an early decision not to impose penalties for late filed 2011 returns which are filed on either 1 or 2 February 2012.

At present I have not seen the formal announcement but HMRC's view is that although taxpayers could claim reasonable excuse (industrial action) it would be more sensible to give a blanket exemption from penalty for those two days, to allow for people who tried to phone and could not get through. The cost and disruption for both sides of appealing penalty notices was taken into account in coming to this decision.

Personally, I welcome this very pragmatic step which is good for agents, taxpayers and HMRC. Thanks very much HMRC

.Let's have your views, Ladies and Gents.

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Bit late now

MarionMorrison |
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It's on the website

petersaxton |
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we are all a bit late.................

Ding Dong |
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Oddly dated news

stepurhan |
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Par for the course

petersaxton |
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I would tell them ...

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