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Help - 10 years no tax return

I've been self-employed for ten years, since being made redundant in 2002 - in the first 2 years I was earning cz. £8k, living off savings, barely earning enough to heat the house, and I didn't file a tax return because I couldn't have afforded to pay it; things got slightly better the next couple of years, but I then had the fear of the back-taxes (and still unable to pay) to stop me filing a return; last 5 years I've been earning about £20k. I now have savings and can (probably) pay what I owe... I really want to clear this - but how do I start, and how bad are the penalties likely to be?

Obviously I'm going to get a lot of flak from you guys, and I deserve it, but any advice - and figures - much appreciated. 


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Mouse007 |
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Go and find an accountant who

TaxationPete |

Harsh there, Mouse?

MarionMorrison |
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Thanks both - will HMRC cut

ashbee |

aha - marion you answered me,

ashbee |

It has been said but I'll

bernard michael |

Like Bernard says

MarionMorrison |
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The Black Knight |


Mouse007 |
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I don't suppose there still remains any scope ...

nogammonsinanundoubledgame |
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Not an electrician are you?

ACDWebb |
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Mouse2007, your advice is

ashbee |

You've paid no tax for 10 years

Mouse007 |
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In defence of Mouse

ShirleyM |
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legally illiterate ?

The Black Knight |

for the rich only !!!

The Black Knight |

and class 2 NIC ??

The Black Knight |

@The Black Knight

ShirleyM |
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ashbee |

You may not need to declare 10 years

Nichola Ross Martin |
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The Black Knight |

I have had a similar client

khalm0 |

Some further technical background

John Stokdyk |
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The Black Knight |


steve2646 |

Have you got the money

mydoghasfleas |
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gazza5 |

no tax return

justtalk |

10 years no tax return

masud10 |

I had exactly this situation

Ray53 |

Voluntary declarations

birdman |
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If you would simply like some

stephenward69 |
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Agree with Stephen

occca |

thats right !

The Black Knight |


astonw2012 |

Yes, I hope ashbee has come out of the cold

Jon Stow |
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Not paid tax for 7 years

Stee66 |

I hope you got it sorted

Bubbles63 |


Bubbles63 |