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Help desperately needed with Bank Recs in Sage Instant!

I am sorting out the accounts on Sage Instant for my client, and they are in a real mess. Now I have to try and sort out the Bank Recs. There are no reports saved or printed anywhere. I can see that the last lady has ticked items off the bank statements, and has marked items as Bank Rec'd in Sage, but I think she just did this (is that possible??) without following the Sage process. I haven't actually done a bank rec before through Sage, and I really do not know where to begin. The accountant muttered something about exporting it to Excel and ticking it off and then sending it back in, but I'm not really sure what he meant. Can anyone help me? I am beginning to panic! Also, when I call up the Reconcile function in the Bank module, the last Reconciled Balance is showing as -1433`.27.

Where can I start to sort this mess out?

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Don't reconcile on sage yet

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Thanks for your reply. I am

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First part

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Bank Statements into Excel

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Changing code on a reconciled item

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