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Help me with an ethical question

My wife says that if I get home for 4.30 (no later) we can have a go at trying for baby number 2.

But I'm 5% off finishing 3 tax returns and could do with just 15 minutes more in the office.

I'm in a bit of a quandry......................

Should I stay or should I go now?

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go go go!

kevinread |

i could do both

Glennzy |
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The Anony Mouse |

stay do the returns

taxwriter |
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runningmate |
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Do the tax returns and

bernard michael |

Better still

Flash Gordon |

so what was on telly

Mouse007 |
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It could go viral on You Tube

The Anony Mouse |

I went home.

HeavyMetalMike |

I often wondered

The Anony Mouse |

I think

Mouse007 |
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I see you took the time to post this!

davidross |


pedant |
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I don't claim CTC. It's all

HeavyMetalMike |

Codes of Ethics for professional accountants and legislation

tanyabarman |

Working from home

miche |


The Anony Mouse |


Henry Osadzinski |
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