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Help! - Shoe Box Accounting


Please could some of you more experienced practitioners advise how you go about sorting out a shoe box full of invoices/receipts etc. Do you meticulously tick back all of the bank statements which includes both personal and business expenditure and input from those? Or do you just work from the invoices and receipts that have been provided?

I have been given all the invoices/receipts in date order and have input from these, but I am now very nervous that there may be items on the bank statements that I will have missed.

Thank you!

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David Smith |

I would ...

Old Greying Accountant |
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Do your best

zebaa |

Yes, it needs to be done

Ken Howard |

I disagree

adam.arca |

A common query at this time of year

John Stokdyk |
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petestar1969 |

Shoe box accounting

R A Jones |

I do agree largely with Adam

Luke |
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Shoe Box Accounting and Potential Business

RF1965 |

Shoe Box Client Solution

enanen |

Shoe box accounting

hilllinda6 |

Shoe box accounting

hilllinda6 |

There speaks ...

Old Greying Accountant |
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Bank Reconciliation Software

Karen Bennett |
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It works fro invoices and

PinkMonitor |