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Help - stratospheric profits !

Have this Ltd. Co. client who's always done quite well with profits of around £100k in recent years, but just having completed the last accounts we have taxable profits of £690k.

We have dividends and salaries of £95k for the husband & wife directors / shareholders (who incidentally are aged around 40) to just have them on the cusp of 40% and at present their directors' loan a/c is £382k so plenty of scope to draw out at the moment but they're not desperate to do so  - they haven't quite got their heads round it yet and regard it as Monopoly money !  Of course some of the CT is at 28% / 26%, so they may think it's worth paying a further 12 or 14% tax just to be able to get more out of the companty via dividends.

But what ways, if any, are there of reducing tax and drawing out money ?  Other than directors' pensions, which they're reluctant to do but I think they ought to.

Any ideas would be welcomed as we're having a meeting in a couple of days to discuss matters.


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Great news!

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On a more serious note

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Thanks, girlofwight - your

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I think

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Duh !  Right, missed that -

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I know its become a dirty word now

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Expensive Bloody Trouble

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Commerciality of business transactions

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Many thanks, everyone.  Have

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Bare trusts?

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