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Hiring Staff....again

Firstly, apologies for the groundhog day question and thank you to all who take the time to respond!

I am getting endless requests to do bookkeeping and payroll administration. Most of which has some lovely accounts preparation work tagged on so I'm reluctant to turn down, but I'm even more reluctant to do this work myself as I can earn significantly more doing the "fun stuff". I've been in this position before and I have hired a subcontractor (she was fairly hopeless) and then I hired a part time member of staff (she was a friend with no experience and it just didn't work out again).

Would I be better off turning these jobs down and accepting I'm no good at hiring and managing staff and save myself a whole heap of time, stress and money.

Or should I give it another bash, perhaps taking on a college student on a part time basis or a part time experienced bookkeeper?

I don't have aspirations of global domination, but I am a working parent with two young (albeit school age) children and so am always time pressured. Plus it would be great to have someone to make the coffee/do the filing/do the very basic data entry stuff.

Many thanks in advance


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Where abouts are you based?

occca |


Roland195 |

I agree with Occa

Glennzy |
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North East Hants

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar |
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Would that not prove awkward?

Roland195 |

Couple of thoughts

Paul Scholes |
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freelance bookkeeper

Red Leader |
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Very good point, I hadn't considered this

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar |
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Me too

occca |