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HMRC is “utterly kaput” - discuss


The ICPA recently flagged up this quote from the Times by Andrea Leadsom Tory MP and member of the Treasury Select Committee about the proposed statements to be issued which will tell us all what our tax is spent on:

"The real issue with it is that HMRC are struggling to even do what it's meant to do: properly calculate the tax due from people. HMRC is completely broken, it's not vaguely incompetent, it's utterly kaput. If I were chancellor I would be looking to simplify HMRC's remit, not complicating it"


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Ah yes the ICPA.

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Now now be fair. For my £385

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Who typed the transcript?

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55 x 12 = ICPA

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Tony Margaritelli and his team

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HMRC Kaput - No BUT..........

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