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HMRC bank acct verification emails : SCAM or..


client filed vat return online, for a very small refund due

this occurs occasionally [ ie refund ], and funds are remitted direct to the same account for which HMRC draw payment when payments are due

today apparenty have received 2 notifications  from         

to verify the bank account

Seems rather  bizarre given that HMRC have recently over the past 2 quarters refunded and drawn funds from the account which has long been setup with them


Any thoughts greatly appreciated

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It is a bit worrying..

taxhound |
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just forward it to

Mouse007 |
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Helpful blog

Henry Osadzinski |
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99.9999999% certain it's a scam


interestingly - that email was after refund return filed

kiwilondon99 |

Playing the odds

Alan Ferris |


Darren Loring |

Try filtering email through something like Mailwasher

ACDWebb |
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kiwilondon99 |

Worrying trend

Paula Sparrow |
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Fraud by HMRC employees

DMGbus |
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The fake HMRC email is

petercullam |